Business Culture Partnership

ProgramSouth Baltic Program
running timeJanuary 2012 - April 2015
Lead Partner City of Rostock
Partners7 partners from 5 regions from 4 EU countries
TopicBusiness Cultural Partnership (BCP) is more than just a benefit for cultural institutions and artists. Also entrepreneurs and companies will profit from this project. BCP is intended for strengthening the companies' identification with their place of living, offering them new events and experiences and broadening their horizon. This project has the intention of making cities, towns and regions of the Baltic Sea area a place worth living.

Function ITC
  • Support of the connection with companies
  • Search for formats of cooperation between cultural institutions and companies
  • Preparation and realisation of the pilot event with other partners in 2014
  • Regional analyses, e.g. for Rostock
  • BCP newsletter
  • Patrner meeting in Szczecin on 5th and 6 th of September 2013
  • Business culture inspiration event at ITC with local business network on October 8th 2013
  • "Patron of culture of hanseatic city Rostock": Award for companies that support artists and cultural organisations in Rostock region.
  • "Cultural guide for companies":
    Card game with 32 offers from artists and cultural organizations for events and parties in companies, e.g. for Christmas or anniversary
  • Cultural Business Event to promote the cultural guide at artgallery Rostock on October 9th 2014
  • "Business Culture Julklapp" organized by ITC to build up at patnership between companies and artists from Rostock region on November 6th 2014
  • International "Mayor's Julklapp" in December 2014
  • Stairway exhibition at ITC from January to July 2015
Further impressions of our results during BCP - e.g. news articles, photos etc. - you can find on our German website.

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