BSR InnoReg

Strengthening Innovation Governance in Baltic Non-metropolitan regions through Transnational Cooperation

ProgramBaltic Sea Region Program
running timeOctober 2008 - July 2011
Lead PartnerThe Baltic Institute of Finland
Partners18 partners from 10 regions from 6 EU countries
TopicThe Baltic Sea Region (BSR) InnoReg project supports business development organisations operating outside metropolitan areas. This project helps them to develop their business and innovation support services for small and medium-sized enterprises. BSR InnoReg intends to bring together local and regional decision-makers for discussing global economic challenges. So the project aims to activate them to agree on an Innovation Policy Memorandum that will guide innovation support activities in particular regions outside metropolitan areas.
Function ITC
  • Support of the connection with other companies, universities and economic patrons
  • Organisation of regional and one transnational Workshop in coorporation
  • Realisation of an Innovation Day to connect university and companies
  • Manual
  • Memorandum of Understanding

Project work at ITC

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