South Baltic Training Program

ProgramSouth Baltic Program
running timeMay 2012 - October 2014
Lead PartnerNetPort Karlsham
Partners8 partners from 5 regions from 5 EU countries
TopicThe South Baltic Training Programme (SBTP) helps students in VET (Vocational Education and Training) and equipped with relevant knowledge and skills to access a much wider range of working places. This programme also supports companies employing graduates from VET in their internationalisation in the South Baltic Sea region. SBTP is meant to contribute to the market integration in our region so that it leads to deeper value chain integration, new (often cross-border) contacts and people-to-people contacts.
Function ITC
  • Support of the connection with other companies
  • Respnosible for development and realisation of one testing model
  • Durchführung von SeminarenRealisation of workshops
  • First kick off partner meeting in Sweden
  • 1st Testing Model starting in Rostock with 12 students
  • 2nd Testing Model starting in Karlskrona with 10 students
  • 3rd Testing Model starting in Rietavas with 20 students
  • 4th Testing Model starting in Szczecin with 28 students
  • 1st Dream Steam Bus Tour with Joiners from Sweden, Lithuania and Germany
  • 2nd Dream Steam Bus Tour with Physiotherapists from Lithuania, Sweden and Germany
  • Final dissemination seminar in Denmark
Further impression of our results during SBTP - e.g. news articles, photos etc. - you can find on our German website.
Project newsleter
  • No.1: "The first Testing Model", "Presenting our partner Zemaitija College, Lithuania", "Working as a coach in SBTP"
  • No.2: "South Baltic Training Programme is now a flagship project", "Presenting our partner Litorina Folk High School, Sweden", "Second testing model"
  • No.3: "Second Stakeholder Seminare", "Gintautas Cinskis’ thoughts after the return from 2TM", "NetPort.Karlshamn - Leadpartner of SBTP"
  • No.4: "President Dalia Grybauskaite visits SBTP expo in Vilnius", "Across the Baltic Sea for networking", "SBTP presented on the South Baltic Professionals Conference in Stralsund"
  • No.5: "Recap Week, Testing Model 3", "South Baltic Annual Conference", "Article about SBTP students in German press"
  • No.6: "PA Education – flagship partner meeting", "Litorina Folk High School", "Preparing for TM 4"
  • No.7: "Introduction week, Testing Model 4", "A team of SBTP students in a cooking competition during Introduction Week", "Szczecin University"
  • No.8: "Students notice country specific differences in rehab organizations", "Valjeviken Folk High School & Rehabilitation - Knowledge and rehabilitation by the side of the sea". "Art project Integration"
  • No.9: "EUC Sealand is hosting SBTP Dissemination Conference in Næstved 17 September", "About our host EUC Sealand"
  • No.10: "Internship in Rietavas Culture Centre", "Dream Team Steam Bus Tour One"
  • No.11: "The Dream Steam Team Bus Tour One - Impressions", "SBTP Story Book", "Dissemination Conference"
  • No.12: "The Dream Steam Team Bus Tour Two"
  • No.13: "SBTP Dissemination Conference held"
  • No.14: "SBTP Story Book", "Project extension", "Networking with decision makers", "New SBTP Film"
  • No.15: "Our final partnermeeting", "Higher Education Fain 2015", "New companies interested in signing the Colaboration Agreement"
  • No.16: "Network meetings for future collaboration", "Teamwork", "Partner seeking in Poland", "Approved seed money project", "Goodbye for now"
Further impression of our results during SBTP - e.g. news articles, photos etc. - you can find on our German website.

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