VBN InnoReg

Strengthening Via Baltica Nordica Macro-Region through Transnational Cooperation for Regional Innovation Promotion

ProgramBSR Interreg III B
running timeJanuary 2006 - December 2007
Lead PartnerThe Baltic Institute of Finland
Partner18 partners from 10 regions from 7 EU countries
TopicVia Baltica Nordica (VBN) InnoReg project analyses knowledge potential, joint interests, good practices and development needs in innovation promotion in VBN partner regions. The project’s aim is to develop a joint approach to innovation promotion for the VBN macro-region. The intention is promoting international networking and regional collaboration between universities, enterprises, technology centres and regional authorities to foster competitiveness of the Via Baltica Nordica macro-region.
Website The Baltic Institute of Finland - Projects
Function ITC
  • Support of the connection with other companies, universities and economic patrons
  • Cooperation with ADT concerning a comparison of quality for technology centres in our region
  • Certification of two technology centres upto auditing
  • Organisation of regional and international workshops in coorporation
  • Regional Innovation System (RIS) analyses
  • Pilot actions:
    The ITC supported the cooperation in an working group of geoinformatics companies.

Project work at ITC

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